Mathieu Morenas

Lead Artist / Environment artist


BeefyShip (the end)

HURRAY!! I finally get enought time to finish the BeefyShip. So!

As I said in the previous post, the PBR material has been created with substance painter in 3 set of textures. One 2048px texture for the main parts, one 1024px for the motors and one 512px for the cokpit.

Thanks to the lossless creation workflow of substance painter,  I’ve exported textures twice the original size for the beautiful screenshots. The render is powered by Unreal Engine 4, as the rest of the space hangar scene in the Spaceship hangar part of my portfolio.

Special thanks to “masters of chicken” for the original art work posted on the web site. It was a great source of inspiration.

Beefy Ship
by Mathieu Morenas
on Sketchfab

I hope you like this work. See you soon for the end of the space hangar!